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At the Little Guild, we believe that everyone should experience the enjoyment of a pet.  Pets bring us love, joy and companionship at any age. They inspire us, positively impact our health, and make us into better people!


Please note:

  • We are unable to adopt to the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

  • We strive for successful adoptions, matching you with the best animal based on temperament, needs and circumstances.  To enable that, we do not adopt on a first-come first-serve basis or hold animals.

  • Please call your veterinarian to authorize them to release information to us.

  • Once you’ve completed your application and it’s been processed you will receive a call from us.  Approved applicants can then schedule meet and greets with our dogs.  We ask that everyone who lives in the home comes to meet your new family member before you take them home. 

  • Applications take 5 to 7 business days to process, and approved applications are valid for 6 months.


To Prepare For The Adoption: 

Please buy food, treats, bed, toys in advance. Stopping on the way home can be overwhelming for your new dog, we suggest some quiet days at home prior to any outings.


At Adoption Please Arrive With:

  • A solid leash that is 4-to-6-feet in length, and a flat collar to be used to hold the tags. 

  • A harness or martingale that is appropriately sized.  You are welcome to purchase the walking equipment that the dog has been fitted with at the Little Guild for a cost of $20 if you would prefer.  Unknown to many is that a retractable leash, or a leash hooked to a flat collar or a choke collar can result in damage to your dog’s trachea.  For that reason, we do not allow any dogs to leave without the above recommended walking equipment.

About the Application:

  • Applications are best completed on a desktop.
  • The majority of the questions on our application are REQUIRED and skipping questions will likely result in errors that will cause your application to not come through to our system.
  •  Once you hit submit please SCROLL UP to be sure your form was submitted, and that the form is not indicating errors.  
  • Successful submissions will generate an automatic e-mail response confirming your submission from

Prefer to print/mail an application?  Download this form and mail to:

The Little Guild
285 Sharon=Goshen Turnpike
West Cornwall, CT  06796
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