Abigail Cusick ~ Executive Director


Abigail joined the Little Guild in 2018 after a decade spent working at NBC Universal. Her extensive background in marketing, digital strategy, and social media will be put to good use as the Guild enters its new phase focusing on expansion and development. During her time as a volunteer, Abigail lent her social media and marketing expertise to various committees and will lead the charge in revamping the Little Guild’s presence in the digital space.   



Abigail is a devoted mother to her rescue pup, Domino and her rescue cat (and LG alum!), Mac. She has grown up with dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and turtles. She lives in Falls Village.

Staff and Dog

Ashley Innella ~ Shelter Manager


     Ashley joined The Little Guild as a volunteer, walking and spending as much time as she could with dogs.  In late 2015 she became a full -time animal care specialist, and in the summer of 2017 Ashley was promoted to Shelter Manager.  The Little Guild residents are already reaping the benefits of her knack for leadership and teamwork.

     Born and raised in Torrington, Ashley has adopted and fostered multiple animals throughout the years.  In 2006 she adopted her dog Wyatt, and her start at the Little Guild was inspired by Wyatt's passing in 2015.  In addition to Wyatt she has also adopted another dog named Kip, a cat named Naggie, and just recently she adopted two more cats from the Little Guild, Wednesday and Haze.

     Ashley is known for seeking out the special needs, elderly and misfit animals who may not otherwise ever know a loving home.  When she ran out of room in her own home, she started bringing family on board to help foster - and now the "Innella fostering program" is indeed a family affair!

Staff and Dog

Andrea Molowa ~ Animal Care Specialist


     Andrea joined us at The Little Guild in 2015, fulfilling a lifelong desire to work with animals in rescue.  She has also fostered and/or adopted COUNTLESS animals with The Little Guild over the years - including one of our longest residents Harriet - who had a wonderful year living with Andrea after having been at the Guild over 8-years.  

     Currently Andrea lives with her husband, Matt, in Woodbury, Ct.  Andrea & Matt have a house full including their dog Renni, and two cats Penelope (special needs) and Sunny - all adopted from the Little Guild.  We are certain that Andrea will continue to do foster care every chance she gets, and her work with the animals here in-house at the shelter shows her love and devotion to rescue!


Staff and Dog

Emily Weik ~ Animal Care Specialist


     Emily started with the Little Guild in May of 2016, but has been involved in animal rescue since age 14.  Having attended various colleges for 4-years, Emily has also worked in healthcare doing hospice work for 2-years.  Her love of animals brought her back into the industry, and lucky for us landed her here at The Little Guild.

     Emily lives in Harwinton, Ct. with her husband and their menagerie of animals including:  two rotties, two cats, a turtle and various fosters on any given week.  Emily and her husband were thrilled to add their daughter Aleha to their family in February of 2018, and WE are thrilled that Aleha is already a lover of animals! 


Staff and Dog

Wendy Guerrera ~ Animal Care Specialist


     Wendy joined the Little Guild in 2015 as an animal care specialist, continuing a lifetime of pet and wildlife rescue and advocacy that was inspired by a Kenyan safari at age 13.

     Raised on Long Island, Wendy’s first job was at North Shore Animal League, which is today one of the world’s largest animal rescue and adoption organizations. She subsequently studied wildlife behavior in East Africa, and has been involved in horse and pig rescue. She has served as a board member of the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which distributes funds to animal rescue groups.

     Wendy thrives on being part of the day-to-day care, feeding and socialization of the Little Guild’s dogs and cats, and is committed to providing them a clean and comfortable environment.

     Wendy’s pets at home currently include 3-cats and one little Chihuahua who keeps everyone in line. 


Chris Marro ~ Animal Care Specialist


     Chris joined the Little Guild in 2017 as an animal care specialist, continuing a lifetime of passion for animals and a desire to make a difference in the rescue community.  He brings with him a degree in marketing, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of our residents.  Chris resides here in Ct. with his Jack Russell Terrier and his three rescue cats.



Pam Vanty ~ Animal Care Specialist


     Pam first started fostering cats for the Little Guild in early 2017, and became a staff member in November of 2018. She has cared for orphaned kittens, pregnant mothers, and semi-ferals that just needed a little extra socialization. Fostering since age 15, Pam fell in love with the ability to change an animals life for the better. 


     Pam is from New Hartford, CT where she lives with her 2 rescue dogs and 2 cats. She is currently fostering a diabetic cat, Spartacus. 

Bre For Bio.jpg

Brielle Williams ~ Animal Care Specialist


    Bre grew up in Dutchess County where its beauty sparked her love of nature at a young age. Her desire to make a difference and work hands on with animals brought her to join the Little Guild team in 2018 as an animal care specialist. Bre lives in NY with her beloved Jack Russell rescue, Ella. 

Kristen Hale ~ Animal Care Specialist


    Kristen started at The Little Guild volunteering as a dog walker alongside her husband. She grew up with a passion for helping all animals; from orphaned and injured mice and bunnies to stray cats and dogs. This love for animals led her to The Little Guild where she joined the staff as an animal care specialist. Kristen lives in Millerton, New York with her husband, Dustin and their Corgi, Bentley.

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