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Group Volunteer Info

We love group visits at The Little Guild!  Whether it's a school group, church group or some other organization, community involvement is definitely an important part of the work we do here!  

The different types of group visits that happen at the Little Guild are listed below.  Please click on the type of visit that most closely matches your situation for details, and to fill out a visit request form.  Please note that group opportunities do not generally involve direct animal care and contact.

Day of Service

This type of visit generally involves either a workplace or a school group who wishes to perform a day of service in support of a non-profit.


Singe Visit Group Request

This type of visit is generally from a church group, youth group, a program, a scout group or groups of that nature.  These groups wish to visit with us and learn about the world of rescue.  

Recurring Group Visit

This type of visit is generally involves a school club or program that wishes to have continued visits on a regular schedule.  These groups help with maintenance tasks while on site, and often socialize cats when appropriate.


Individual Client or Student Programs​

We often receive requests to accommodate personalized programs for development and/or training for clients or students of local organizations.  Although, the Little Guild does not currently have the infrastructure to support internships or supervision of personalized visitation, we are happy to work with you and try to accommodate your request if at all possible. Development, implementation, and supervision of the client or student's program would be the responsibility of the agency making the request.


Speaker Request

If the space and safety limitations of our location is prohibitive to your group engaging with us in our space, we are happy to try to accommodate requests to have a representative visit your group at your location.




If you don't feel your group fits perfectly in one of the above categories please just choose the category that you feel most closely matches, and we will work with you to find the best fit!

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