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Young Male (neutered), 2 yrs

Tucker is a very unique and handsome boy! He has one full blue eye and one that is half blue and half brown.  Plus, his fur is a gorgeous tiger brindle!  If his looks don't steal your heart, his amazing goofy personality will! Tucker is always ready to please an audience - showing off his Good Boy skill set with sits and paws. Tucker simply LOVES the water and could play all day with a sprinkler/hose if you let him. He can be a little slow to warm up to new folks, but once he does - he will love you forever!

  • Approx Weight:  61 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  3/1/2019

  • Good with kids: 8 & up



Jackie - Black & White Domestic Short Hair

Simba - Orange Domestic Medium Hair

Jackie - Adult Female (spayed), 2 yrs

Simba - Adult Male (neutered), 5 yrs

Meet Simba and Jackie! This dynamic duo is sure to melt your heart! Simba really helped Jackie come out of her shell and they have been inseparable ever since! Given their tight bond, we are requiring them to be adopted together. They love to cuddle, groom each other, and be playful.  It's truly adorable. 

  • Approx Jackie Weight:  9.7 lbs

  • Approx Simba Weight:  9.4 lbs

  • Estimated Jackie DOB:  5/21/2016

  • Estimated Simba DOB:  5/21/2016



Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat)

Young Female (spayed), 7 mo

Arya is your typical playful and energetic kitten! She loves to run around the room playing with her toys. She is extremely affectionate towards people and always wants to be near you. We think Arya would thrive in a “busier home” where she can get all that kitten playfulness and energy out!

  • Approximate Weight:  5 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  10/3/2020

  • Special Needs:  FIV+




Young Male (neutered), 1 yr 7 mo

Casper is a fireball of energy!  A young, fun and loving dog, Casper came all the way from Puerto Rico to end up here at the Little Guild. And, he has been nothing but fun! Casper needs training, a space to run, and lots of exercise. If you are looking for a dog to share an active lifestyle and fill your days with laughs and cuddles, Casper is your boy! 

  • Approx Weight:  28 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  12/28/2019



Plott Hound / Mixed

Adult Male (neutered), 6 yrs

Brodie is a beautiful, brindle boy.  He is a gentle giant and, although not a puppy, he sure seems like one with his big fun, goofy personality. He loves to go for long walks, play and sit on the couch to cuddle! 

  • Approximate Weight:  79 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  12/21/2015



Domestic Medium Hair / Mixed (short coat)

Adult Male (neutered), 3 yrs

Kernel is an affectionate and handsome boy. We imagine at one point Kernel was living the tough life out on the streets due to his ear tip. We are so happy this young boy will never again have to worry about where his next meal is coming from. Kernel is definitely enjoying the comforts of the indoor life. He never misses a meal and would eat the entire bag of treats if he could! It took him a few days to warm up to us at the shelter, but once he did we realized what a sweet cat he really is. He does sometimes get nervous with sudden movements/loud noises, but can be easily reassured. His adopter should be prepared and willing to take it slow with him and give him however much time he needs to adjust. We can guarantee that once he feels safe in your home you will have a best friend forever! 

  • Approximate Weight:  12 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  3/17/2018

  • Special Needs:  FIV+



Black Mouth Cur/Mixed

Young Female (spayed), 2 yrs

Myla is a super sweet, beautiful 2-year old girl. She acts just like a loving momma bear - always wanted to know what you are doing and joining in! She will be a great addition to any family looking for a real sweetheart of a dog who is great with kids. Despite her large size, Myla really seems to believe she is a lap dog so be ready to cuddle!


  • Approx Weight:  66 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  5/19/2019



Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat)

Female (spayed), 10 yrs 

Bertha is an affectionate and laid-back lady. She loves being pet and once she starts purring she doesn’t stop! She will roll from side to side to show you how happy and grateful she is to be getting your attention. Bertha is a quirky little girl who has been a total sweetheart from the minute we met her. She always seems to make us laugh, especially when she eats her dinner while still laying on her side! This pretty and sweet girl can’t wait to be somebody’s new best friend.

  • Approximate Weight:  11 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  2/1/2011

  • Good with Cats: No



Domestic Medium Hair / Mixed

Adult Female (spayed), 8 yrs

Topaz came to us as a stray, and was in need of some medical attention.  She got the dental attention that she needed, and she is feeling much better.  She is F.I.V. positive, but news of that has not dampened her spirits at ALL.  She's full of purrs and has lots of love to give.  She's a confident girl, and loves her people.  To date, she's proven to not be a 'big fan' of other felines, and given her F.I.V. status we think she will be best suited to be the only cat in the home.

  • Approximate Weight:  15 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  10/8/2013

  • Special Needs:  FIV+

More Pets Available Soon!

The animals below will be available for adoption soon. We are in the process of evaluating their medical, behavioral and placement needs and getting a complete picture of their best fit home. 

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application. Once your application is approved, it will be valid for 6 months.  Please note, we do not accept applications for specific animals.  Rather, we will work with you to find the best fit for you and your family.