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Pit Mix

Male (altered), 1 year

Hector is eager to please and ready to play. He is an energetic young dog who loves high speed play with other dogs as well as affection and engagement from people. He needs someone who is ready to show a young dog the ropes and teach him basic manners.

  • Approximate Weight:  41 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  11/5/2020



Domestic Short Hair

Adult Male (altered), 5 yrs

Walter is a sweet and sassy boy. He is goofy and would do anything for a treat! He loves to be pet and will let you know with his loud purring. Walter can't wait to be a part of a family.

  • Approximate Weight:  15 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  5/17/2016

  • Good with Dogs: Yes

  • Good with Cats: Selective

  • Good with Kids: 7 and up



Dierks: Domestic Short Hair

Brantley: Domestic Long Hair

Dierks and Brantley- Adult Males (altered), 9 yrs

Dierks and Brantley originally came to us from a hoarding situation. They were both adopted together back in 2015. Unfortunately for no reason of their own they were surrendered back to us. Dierks and Brantley are sweet, but very timid cats that would need a home that can be patient with them. Because of dental issues, Dierks no longer has any teeth, but that doesn't stop him from chowing down on his food! They love hanging out in cat trees and lounging around together. Dierks and Brantley are looking for a second chance to find their furever home!

  • Approx Dierks Weight: 12 lbs

  • Estimated Dierks DOB: 2/18/2012

  • Approx Brantley Weight: 9 lbs

  • Estimated Brantley DOB: 2/13/2012

  • Good with Cats: Yes



Lab/Pit Mix

Adult Female (altered), 2 yrs

Just look at that cute face! Marry has lots of young pup energy, which will require someone with lots of patience and someone willing to add some structure to her life. She loves to go on walks and would thrive in an active home. A family with kids 12 and up will be a best fit for her with the energy that she has. Marry really enjoys playing with other dogs that have the same energy level as her but is still unsure of dogs with energy that she doesn’t match. She is a very smart girl and would benefit greatly from someone who wants to work with her and turn her into the pup we all know she can be!

  • Approximate Weight:  50 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  8/18/2019

  • Good with Kids: 12 and up

  • Good with Dogs: Selective

  • Good with Cats: No



Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

Puppy Male (altered), 7 months

This boy is such a little squirt! He has come a long way since he arrived here but still will need someone who’s understanding of his puppy habits but willing to work him out of them. He has tons of energy to burn and will do best in an active home. Squirt would be fine with kids over the age of 5 only because he still is a mouthy puppy. He may benefit from a home with a dog who’s older than him that can show him the ropes. Little Squirt can’t wait to meet his furever family!

  • Approximate Weight:  18 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  4/20/2021

  • Good with Kids: 5 and up

  • Good with Dogs: Yes



Shepherd/Terrier Mix

Male (altered), 7 months

Shiloh is a high energy pup who is ready to meet the world, gain experience and bond with the right person. He is gaining confidence and enjoying new experiences every day. He will benefit from an active owner who is patient and ready to show him the world!

  • Approximate Weight: 32 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  4/7/2021



Shepherd/Terrier Mix

Female (altered), 7 months

Lucy is a sweet but timid young girl who is working on building confidence and gaining positive experiences with humans. She is extremely playful with other small dogs. She will need someone who is ready, willing and able to guide her and bring her out of her shell. There is a rambunctious, energetic pup inside her, waiting to shine in her furever home!

  • Approximate Weight:  28 lbs

  • Estimated DOB: 4/7/2021 

  • Good with Cats: No



Boxer/Pit Mix

Adult Male (altered), 5 yrs

Bentley has not had an easy life. He was born here at the little guild 5 years ago and adopted at 8 weeks old. Throughout his life he has been attacked by other dogs and we believe he has suffered from abuse. He’s having surgery soon on one of his back legs because of damage that has happened in his life previously.  Bentley is slow to trust but it can definitely be earned. Once he bonds with you, he will show you his happy-go-lucky, affectionate side. We have been working with him closely since he came back to us and has been a very sweet and loving boy.  Bentley needs someone to work with him daily and provide structure and lots of love. He will need time to heal from his surgery so we would need to do a meet and greet if other animals are in the home prior to him leaving to be sure he can have a peaceful recovery.

  • Approx Weight: 75 lbs

  • Estimated DOB: 5/08/2016

  • Good with Kids: No

  • Good with Dogs: Selective



Domestic Short Hair

Male (altered), 2 years

Murray is a very sweet 2 year old boy! He originally came from the streets of New York, where he may have been kicked out of a cat community. He has some behavioral issues, which we believe are linked to always living outdoors. Typically he is very friendly, however due to the stress of being indoors he can be a bit unpredictable, which is why he would thrive as a barn cat. So if you're looking for a super cool barn cat, Murray's the guy to adopt! 

  • Approximate Weight: 10 lbs

  • Estimated DOB:  10/1/2020

More Pets Available Soon!

The animals below will be available for adoption soon. We are in the process of evaluating their medical, behavioral and placement needs and getting a complete picture of their best fit home. 

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application. Once your application is approved, it will be valid for 6 months.  Please note, we do not accept applications for specific animals.  Rather, we will work with you to find the best fit for you and your family.