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Thank you for applying to adopt! 
We are so excited to help you grow your family!  

A few notes as you proceed:

  1. Applications are best completed on a desktop.

  2. We unfortunately are unable to adopt to the states of Massachusetts or New Hampshire.  This is due to out-of-state adoption laws within those states.

  3. You must have a valid license or photo id to adopt.

  4. We strive for successful adoptions, matching you with the best animal based on temperament, needs and circumstances.  To enable that, we do not adopt on a first-come, first-serve basis or hold animals.

  5. Once you’ve completed your application and it’s been processed you will receive a call from us.  Approved applicants can then schedule a cat visit.  

  6. Applications take 2 to 7 business days to process, and approved applications are valid for 6 months.  It greatly helps us in processing applications in a timely manner if you reach out to your veterinarian and references in advance.

  7. It is so important to us to make the best possible match, so please make sure to answer all of the questions truthfully.  Inaccuracies on the application will unfortunately result in us being unable to successfully process it.

  8. To protect against injury or loss, as well as against infectious diseases, we only adopt to individuals who agree to keep the cat indoors.

To Prepare For The Adoption:

Please buy food, treats, toys, and litter ahead of the adoption.  If you are introducing the cat to a home with existing cats please be prepared to have a separate room set up with food, litter and toys for the new cat to stay in for 2-to-4 weeks.  For successful integration, it is critical that the process is done slowly to best ensure a successful transition.


On Adoption Day:

Please arrive with a solid cat carrier, we don't permit the use of boxes to transport the cat.

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