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Due to the current ongoing construction of a new facility, there will be a temporary suspension on all surrenders due to lack of space in our smaller interim facility.  

Please do still continue to contact the Little Guild regarding the need to surrender an animal during our temporary suspension, we will assist as much as possible in helping to find a placement.



We understand that circumstances can sometimes make caring for you pet difficult.  There are many resources available to try and keep your pet in your home.  But, we understand that sometimes the difficult decision must be made to surrender your pet, and the Little Guild is here to help you with the process.

We are not able to take in every animal we are contacted about.  We are a limited admission shelter and therefore adoptability and available space are ongoing considerations when we are accepting animals into our program.

Many times animals come to us due to behavioral issues, many of which can be improved with medical evaluation or training.  We urge you to explore these options prior to considering placement.  When the shelter is at capacity, we maintain a waiting list.  Animals previously adopted from the Little Guild get first preference when space is available.  

     If you wish to have your animal evaluated and considered for surrender to The Little Guild we urge you to review our FAQs section - and familiarize yourself with how our process works.  Once you have reviewed the FAQs if you think your animal might be an appropriate placement for our organization please feel free to fill out a surrender request.  All requests will receive a response within 48-hours to acknowledge the receipt of the information, and advise applicant whether or not their request can be considered.

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