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Where do your dogs and cats come from?

They come to us in a variety of different ways, there is not one specific avenue that brings our dogs and cats to us at The Little Guild.  One thing is for certain though, each resident who comes through our doors comes with a story to tell, and in need of a safe loving environment to stay in until their forever family comes to take them home.

What does Limited Admission and No Kill mean?

 We have, in the past, been known as a "no kill" shelter.  One of our 2018 goals is to work away from the use of that terminology, while promoting education and understanding about what we do here at the Little Guild.  We are a lifesaving organization, with a 97% live release rate as of 2017, committed to the preservation of life.  This means that we do not euthanize due to space constraints, time limits, color age or breed.  Euthanasia is performed when it is the only alternative to end an animal's suffering due to terminal illness, severe injury, mental deterioration, or when the animal poses a safety concern for other animals or humans and all attempts at behavior modification have been exhausted and have failed.  To read more about what are policies are on Limited Admission and Euthanasia please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our education page.  


How old do I have to be to adopt?

You must be 18-years old to be considered for adoption at The Little Guild.

How can I see your available animals?

The quickest and most convenient way to see our available animals for adoption is online.  You can also come in during visiting hours.

I heard through the grapevine that you had a dog that I don't see listed on your web site, why isn't he/she there?

We frequently have both dogs and cats "in house" who do not show as available for adoption.  That is because when an animal is received at The Little Guild they go through a period of quarantine during which we make sure that the animal is both safe and healthy to be available for adoption.  The amount a time an animal remains in quarantine depends on many factors including how much information we have about the animals personal history and health, any medical or behavior concerns, and making certain that all vaccines are Up To Date.  The day an animal is ready for potential adoption they are made available on our site.

Why can't I walk through the kennel?

Our dogs are always happy to see a human enter the kennel area.  Generally speaking a human visitor means a walk, dinner, treats and/or attention and all of those things are very exciting to the dogs.  Once a single dog is excited and barking all dogs are excited and barking, and that creates a bit of a chaotic environment for everyone.  We try our best to keep our kennel area calm for the dogs by limiting access, and playing music as background noise that is calming.  Lack of kennel access is simply to help keep their home a comfortable and calm place where they can relax and feel safe.  We are happy to bring any dog that you are interested in meeting out to see you in a calm environment where you will be much better able to observe their true personality and enjoy a comfortable visit.

How do I start the adoption process?

The first step in any adoption is to fill out the online adoption application, the application is not tied to a specific animal but is simply a general application for approval to adopt a cat or a dog.  The initial application includes things like checking personal, landlord and veterinary references.

Can I come in & pick out my animal first?

We do welcome visitors to see our facilities and to meet our residents.  If your goal is adoption though we strongly encourage you to have your application filled out first.  If you come to meet and greet and fall "in love" with someone on your visit, there is still the entire application process that would need to be completed before you could matched with your new love interest.  That process can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks depending on if your vet office is open, and how long it takes contacts to return our calls.  As we do not HOLD animals there is always the possibility that the animal you are interested in could potentially be adopted by someone with an already approved application in the meantime.

How long does the process take?

The initial application approval can take anywhere from a single day to a couple of weeks depending on several factors.  Ensuring that your application is complete before you send it is important, and it's always good to let your veterinarian and your references know that we will be calling.  Delay's can be caused by our need to request more information, the vet office not being willing to speak to us because you have not authorized them to do so, and/or waiting on references and landlords to return our calls.  Based on the many variables involved it's impossible for us to give a specific time frame to be approved or denied.  We do process applications daily and do our best our best do get you an answer as quickly as possible.

Do I have to own my home?

You do not need to own your own home in order to adopt from The Little Guild.  If you rent we just need your landlords contact information on your application, and we will speak with them directly to confirm that the adoption is an acceptable placement for their location. 

Why do you need proof that I own my home?

It's important that we place our animals in stable and appropriate homes where they will spend their remaining years.  The only way for us to confirm that your home is in fact "your own" is to ask for proof of ownership.  The most common proof offered is a copy of a tax bill or a mortgage statement.

Why do you need to talk to my landlord?

If you rent we need to speak to your landlord to verify that the placement of an animal at their location is acceptable.  Please note that sometimes landlords have breed and/or size restrictions which we will need to abide by when matching you with an animal.

Why do you need to see my photo I.D.?

An adoption contract is a legal and binding contract, and it's important for the welfare of our animals for us to ensure that we know who the animal is going home with.

Will you hold a dog/cat for me?

We do not "hold" animals, having an approved application is the only way to be matched with an animal for placement.

If I "apply first" that means that dog

or cat is mine right?

We do not handle our adoptions on a chronological basis but rather on a BEST MATCH basis.  Our goal during the application process is to get to know you and your family, and to ensure that we are matching you with an animal for placement who is a good fit for your home and family.  The only time that chronological placement would be a factor is if we have two fully approved applications, that are a 100% equally good fit for the animal.  This is an extremely rare occurrence, and our gold standard is to place each animal with the BEST FIT.

Why does everyone in my home have

to meet the animal being adopted?

When you take home a new animal they become part of the whole of your home and your family.  It's important that everyone who lives in that home is on board with the adoption, and that there are no personality clashes between an existing family member and the new animal.  The best way to gauge the suitability of placement is to have the ENTIRE family meeting with and approving of the placement BEFORE the animal goes home.

Can I bring my dog in to meet and

greet the dog we want to adopt?

We do require that any home with an existing dog(s) also has a doggie meet-and-greet with any potential new dog to be brought home.  It's important to note that you should never bring your existing dog to the shelter without scheduling ahead with staff.  The dog meet and greet would happen only AFTER the initial meeting with the family.  Additionally, when you DO have a meet-and-greet scheduled - please do NOT come into the shelter with your dog.  We frequently have animals in our lobby, and not all of our animals get along with other animals.  When coming for a scheduled doggie meeting please leave your current dog(s) in the car, come into the lobby and let staff know you are here.  Staff will then handle setting up the meeting in a certain area and with full control of all animals for everyone's safety.

Can I take my dog/cat home same day?

We do not offer "same day adoptions".  We do want our animals to go to your wonderful forever home, and we we want nothing more than to help you find your match made in heaven.  Taking on ownership of an animal is a tremendous commitment in many ways, and we want to ensure that when we send an animal home we are sending them to their FOREVER home.  Failed adoptions are traumatic for both the animals and the people involved, and our aim is to have a 100% successful placement rate.  To that end we think that it's important that our adopters be committed to doing what is necessary to assist us in finding the RIGHT placement for your wonderful home.

Do you guarantee age / breed / size?

We do our best in working with our veterinarian to attempt to determine the age and breed of the animals we care for.  However as our animals come from a variety of situations and backgrounds we are often not able to know with 100% certainty the age, breed or potential size.  We do our best to provide the most accurate information possible within our capabilities, but we can make no guarantees as to these things.


Will my dog/cat be vaccinated?

All of our animals are fully vaccinated prior to adoption.  If there are vaccines that are not yet complete due to the age of the animal or some medical condition - you will be provided with a voucher for those things to be done at our vet when appropriate.

Will my dog/cat be spayed or neutered?

All of our animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  If their spay or neuter is NOT done due to the age of the animal or some medical condition - you will be provided with a voucher that will cover the cost of the procedure at our vet when appropriate.

Will my dog/cat be microchipped?

All of our animals are microchipped prior to adoption.  If their microchip has NOT been placed  due to the age of the animal or some medical condition - you will be provided with a voucher that will cover the cost of the procedure at our vet when appropriate.

How do I register the microchip?

We recommend that you visit to register your microchip.  We have tried and tested this site with our own animals and have found it to work splendidly.  There is no costs, and it does not matter who the manufacturer of the chip is.  When you adopt with us you will have an information sheet in your adoption packet with instructions on how to use the site.  Registering your animal is important, even if they are "indoor only", you never know when an escape can happen and having that chip registered can be the difference between your being reunited with your fur-baby or them being lost forever.  It's important to remember to update the information even after you initially obtain your animal, if you move - or if your phone numbers change - regular updates are critical!


What if my dog/cat gets sick after I adopt?

Before we place an animal up for adoption they are in quarantine and fully vetted here at the Little Guild.  If there are any existing or known medical concerns or conditions those will be disclosed to you prior to adoption.  We cannot control or predict possible future medical issues that may arise, and once you have adopted an animal they are in fact your responsibility.  This is one of the many reasons that we ask our adopters to take their time and consider FULLY the responsibility they are taking on in the adoption of a new animal.

What if we have adjustment problems when we get home - how can I get help?

Our staff are always available for questions after adoption, and we will do our best to help you work through any adjustment issues that may arise.  Additionally we also have a trainer who works with our dogs, and if you have additional needs we can set you up for a consultation with our trainer.  We do spend some time during the adoption process trying to educate our adopters about potential issues that may come up and different solutions to help work through them, our education page is also a great resource for additional information.

What if it's still not working out after I get help?

If you read our adoption contract carefully prior to signing it you will find that in that contract you have agreed that you understand that it may take several weeks or months for a successful transition of the animal into your home.  You have also agreed to work with the animal - including seeking professional help when necessary.  We take the placement of our animals very seriously, and we hope you do too. 


Adopting an animal is a SIGNIFICANT commitment of time and resources, and we ask our adopters to carefully consider this before taking home an animal.  If all efforts fail and the placement is not in fact going to work out - the adoption contract requires adopters to contact the Little Guild first, before considering re-homing or surrendering the animal.

What is your refund policy on adoption fees?


There are no refunds of adoption donations.

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