Volunteer of the Month

 The support provided by our volunteer pool is priceless to us!  We simply could not provide the level of care that is afforded to our animals without our volunteers.  From cleaning, to walking, to loving, to crying with us and sharing in our joy.  Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

When people give of themselves so unselfishly it's not uncommon for them to be taken for granted.  It's important to us that our volunteers know that they are NEVER taken for granted.  Every hour, every event, every task is appreciated and valued. 

The warmth, the passion, the love, and the dedication they bring into our lives; and the lives of our animals, can never be adequately expressed.  Each month we feature a volunteer of the month and share their story in an effort to acknowledge their contributions.  The stories are amazing to read, rich in history and layered with love!  Please feel free to click on any photo to read the story behind the woman or man.