Recurring group visits need to do an overall orientation first with all participants  attending who might like to visit at a later date.  The orientation can accommodate a maximum of 20 and is a review of both the history of the Little Guild, as well as an overview of all the rules and regulations while visiting.


     The subsequent visits will then be scheduled with the group representative, in an effort to allow all groups who wish to visit a chance to do so.  Subsequent visits will accommodate a maximum of 1-supervisor with 3-students, and are done on a scheduled basis only - no drop in groups please.


     Supervisors are expected to be present and engaged with their group throughout their entire visit.  Any supervisor that will be assigned to the recurring visits must attend the orientation.


     We urge group coordinators to verify if there are any allergy or fear of animal issues prior to assigning a supervisor or a student to visit our location.