Little Guild Leadership

Board of Directors


John Guenther, President - Corporate Communications Executive, Cornwall

Richard Lanier, Vice-President - Non-profit Leadership, Falls Village

Jill Sheffield, Secretary - Non-profit Leadership, Cornwall

Charles Short, Treasurer - Finance and Non-profit Leadership , Cornwall 

Martha Baer - Contemporary Art Specialist, Lakeville

Marjorie Hewett - NY Real Estate Broker, West Cornwall

Gerri Kenniston - Corporate Internal Auditor, Cornwall

Diane Mattes - Marketing and Non-profit Leadership, Millerton

Dr. Matthew Nebel - Veterinarian and Practice Owner, New York City

Adam Ozmer - Chief Marketing Officer, Falls Village

Alice Yoakum - Lawyer, Lakeville

Justin Vagliano - Former Executive Director, Norfolk

You can contact the Board via email by clicking HERE

Advisory Council


John Bartlett

Kate Beatty

John Brett

Blair Brown

Page Dickey

Louise Dunn

Diana Greene

Jill Hetson

Gail Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson

Ed Kenniston

Chet Krayewski

Mary Lanier

Frankie Lucostic

Adam Ozmer

Howard Pulchin

Jerome Roth

Richard Schlesinger

James R. Sheffield

Bunny Williams

Animal rescue is a cause near and dear to every member of leadership.

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