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— GUS — 
The Little Guild's BIG Surprise


Francesca arrived at The LIttle Guild on October 16, 2021 from Georgia. Her owners surrendered her because they felt unable to handle the responsibility of a large dog.

Like many dogs, Francesca arrived anxious and wary.  She was cautious around us but gentle and, oh, those eyes ....it's hard not to get lost in them!

When dogs first come to the Guild, they are checked by a vet and required to quarantine. Although her very thick coat made examination a bit difficult, Francesca was given a clean bill of health, 




After leaving quarantine, Francesca settled easily into her kennel and began to relax.  It was clear that she is a friendly, engaging dog by nature and she would eagerly greet staff whenever they approached her. 


That is why Alex, LG Kennel Behaviorist, was immediately concerned when Francesca was laying, back turned, at the far end of kennel on the morning of November 2.  Imagine his suprise when he went in to find Francesca cleaning her newborn!!

We watched Francesca very carefully for the next hours, waiting for more puppies.  Hours turned to days and, in the end, baby GUS was the only one!

Caring for newborn puppies is not something we usually do at the Little Guild, but we quickly sprung into action—setting up a whelping box for our new mama and a heat lamp to keep her little one warm.  Without any siblings to snuggle, it was especially important for us to help Gus stay warm during his first few weeks.  

Francesca proved to be a wonderful mother - attentively watching over her pup and keeping him clean, safe, and fed.  And, as the sole recipient of Francesca's milk, it didn't take Gus long to turn into a plump little butterball! We are especially tickled by the way he would rest on his back after eating and show off his 3-button belly.

You never quite know what to expect in animal rescue.  You need to be ready to react to whatever comes.  New life is beautiful thing and we are so pleased to be able to support Gus in his first adventures. He has certainly been The Little Guild's BIGGEST suprise! 

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Photos & Videos

Watching Gus grow is so much fun!  Follow our social media and check back here often to see what he's up to!