— GUS — 
The Little Guild's BIG Surprise


Sweet with beautiful blue eyes, Francesca arrived at The Little Guild on October 16, 2021 from Georgia, surrendered because her owners felt unable to handle the responsibility of a large dog.  Francesca was examined by our vet and given a clean bill of health.  Imagine our surprise when on the morning of November 2nd Francesca went into labor and gave birth to one, and only one, beautiful puppy - Gus!!! 


The Little Guild staff and community were overjoyed watching Gus in his first days as Francesca attentively watched over him and kept him clean, safe and fed every step of the way in a whelping box with a heat lamp for additional warmth.


WEEKS 2 - 3

Gus opened his eyes to reveal a blue as beautiful as his mother's and he was soon doing his best to learn how to walk. 


WEEKS 4 - 5

Little Gus has a big personality!  Always clamoring for his Mom's attention and some cuddles form the staff.  First one ear came up....and then the other!

WEEKS 5 to 7

Gus is on the move!!!  He loves his toys, all of his family at The Little Guild - and most of all playing with his Mom!  But, what we can't get enough of .... THOSE EYES!!


Watching Gus grow is so much fun!  Each week, we will update this story with new pictures.  Check back often and follow our social media to see what Gus is up to!